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How to install the PeoplePC Stand Alone Accelerator
How to install the PeoplePC Stand Alone Accelerator
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  • Last modified date: March 15, 2011 13:03

The PeoplePC Stand Alone Accelerator provides the same web browsing acceleration found in the PeoplePC Connection Software, but does not require you to install the connection software.

PeoplePC Accelerator Technology turbo-charges your Web browser so that Web pages load up to 7X faster than with regular dial-up.* It speeds up most email too.

Installing the PeoplePC Stand Alone Accelerator

Download the PeoplePC Stand Alone Accelerator from

There is not a CD version available at this time.


Close any browsers you have open and then run the installer file once you have completed downloading it to your computer.  You will need to click the Run option when asked if you want to run this software.


Click next on the Installer Welcome Screen.


Read and agree to the Terms of Service.


You can let the Stand Alone Accelerator install to its default location our you can specify a folder where you want it installed.  When you are done, click Next.


Accelerator will now finish installing.  You will need to reboot your computer at the end of the installation process.


When your computer restarts, you will be prompted to log into Accelerator.  Login with your full Peoplepc email address and password.  Make sure the Save Password option is selected if you don't want to be required to login each time you reboot your computer.

Using the PeoplePC Stand Alone Accelerator

Accelerator works well with the default settings included at the time of install.  However, if you would like to know more about the various settings available in Accelerator, please see the following article. 

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