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PeoplePC My Account
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  • Last modified date: June 24, 2010 14:06

PeoplePC MyAccount offers an easy way to maintain your PeoplePC account right on the Web. Sign in to MyAccount, using your Member Name and password (or a secondary email address and password) at:

See below for details about using My Account. For much more information, see My Account Help.

  • Email Profiles: Make changes to your email address, like changing your password and security information, and spam controls. Depending on your plan type, you can also add a new email address.
    See: Editing email profiles
  • Billing Information: View past invoices, make a one-time payment, change your credit card information, or edit your billing address.
    See: Editing billing Information
  • My Plan Details: View all of the services included with your plan, including subscribed services. You can also order new services here. 
    See Working with My Plan Details
  • Contact Information: Edit your personal contact information and opt in or out of special offers and programs.
    See: Editing contact information
  • My Downloads: Download any PeoplePC software that is available to you.
  • Shipping Information (Link on the left of the main page): Edit your shipping address. This information is important in case PeoplePC ever needs to ship you software or hardware.
    See Editing Shipping Information

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