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Using the PeoplePC Home Page
PeoplePC Homepage FAQs
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  • Last modified date: June 24, 2010 14:06
How do I get to Internet Explorer from the Home Page?

Type a Web address in the address bar at the top of the Home Page, or click the Browse the Web link on the left side. (The Home Page is the first page you see after signing in to PeoplePC Online.)

What is email preview?

Email preview shows basic information about the four most recent emails you've received to your PeoplePC account. Click an email to open it in Web Mail.

How do I turn on or turn off the email preview?

To turn of Email Preview so that you no longer see it on your page:

Click the Edit link in the top-right corner of the Email Preview box to open the Email Settings page. Then, under Email Preview, choose Disabled.

Why don't I have any emails displayed in the email preview?

Email preview can only display email that is on the email server online. If you've used an email program (like Outlook Express) to download messages to your computer, those messages will no longer appear in Email Preview.

What is Single Sign On, and why do I have to turn it "On" when I use Email Preview?

For your protection, even if you're signed in to the Home Page, you usually have to sign in to Web Mail separately. So even if you share a computer, someone viewing your Home Page doesn't have access to your email.

Not concerned about other people using your computer and seeing your email? You might like the convenience of Single Sign On, which allows you to visit Web Mail without signing in again after signing in to the Home Page.

Turning Single Sign On off means that you don't want people on your Home Page to see your email. For this reason, Email Preview will only work when Single Sign On is turned on.

How do I change the city for my weather?

Click edit at the top-right corner of the Weather box on the Home Page.

How do I change my horoscope?

Click edit at the top-right corner of the Horoscope box on the Home Page.

My Home page did not update when I changed my horoscope or weather. What should I do?

Try signing off and on again. At the top-right of the Home Page, click the Sign Out link. When the link changes to Sign In, click it and sign back in again using your Member Name and password.

What are Favorites?

Favorites are Web pages you visit often when you're online. When a page is a favorite, you don't have to type the Web address to visit that page. You can just click the title in the favorites list.

To add a page to your Favorites:

While viewing the page that you want to add to your favorites, click Favorites at the top of the page in the gray toolbar (next to "Tools") and then click Add to Favorites.

How do I access my Favorites?

Click Favorites at the top of the page in the gray toolbar (next to "Tools"), then select the page you want to visit.

How do I organize my Favorites?

As you add to your Favorites list, you may want to organize them into folders so it's easier to find what you're looking for. For example, you could organize them by topics such as Art, Travel, Shopping, etc. 

To organize your Favorites: 

  1. Click Favorites at the top of the page in the gray toolbar (next to "Tools"), then click Organize Favorites.
  2. Click Create Folder, type a name for the folder, and then press the ENTER key on your your keyboard.
  3. Drag favorites or folders to your new folder.
Are the Favorites on my PeoplePC Home Page the same as my Internet Explorer Favorites?


When you change your favorites in Internet Explorer, they automatically change on your Home Page (the next time you sign in).

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